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Build a relationship for life.

We get it. You’ve got a lot on your plate, and customers expect answers…yesterday. Don’t risk failing to meet their expectations. We’re here to provide customer care services that help you cut through the noise and enable meaningful dialogue, catering to the needs of your business and your customer.

Experience and insights.

  • Over 40% of our business is focused on customer care services
  • We are experts at complex, multi-service “universal agent” programs
  • Alorica helps clients monetize positive service using our proven sales-through-service model



Enhance the customer experience using data-driven insights to refine processes and improve outcomes


Burstable staffing for rapid deployments across 100+ locations and our home agent platform


Self-service and digital support channels empower your customers and help reduce call volumes

Results you can measure.

  • Received multiple “Voice of the Customer” awards from clients recognizing Alorica as the top provider in customer satisfaction
  • Reduced contact center costs by 40% with global customer care outsourcing solutions and process improvements
  • Maintained an 80-90% average first-call resolution rate for customer care programs



Putting the customer at the center of it all.

  • Ranging from simple inquiries to complex escalations, your customers receive attentive care from highly skilled agents who truly love making lives better
  • Customer Experience Transformation (CxT) services bridge online and offline customer journeys by analyzing customer behaviors and optimizing contact channels
  • “Why Customers Call” (WCC) analytics tool examines repeat callers and escalations, ultimately serving to increase customer satisfaction and save costs
  • Self-service and web-based solutions empower customers to resolve issues and reduce contact volumes

"Best Launch Ever!"

A high-end American retailer came to Alorica to provide its first ever offshore customer service outsourcing solution in the Philippines for customer care and first party collections.

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of NPS goal achieved within the first month of program launch
year partnerships with other providers, but Alorica as a new partner achieved the highest ever Agent Effectiveness Score
Pillars of Success specific to the program

Go dark—and light up again—by the hour.

Alorica’s Work-at-Home solution of more than 6,000 virtual agents allows us to easily support zero calls one hour, and 100,000 calls an hour later, for a national shopping network.


hours of training for new hires at Alorica compared to 80 hours at the clients’ internal sites—bringing agents up to speed in a fraction of the time


increase of at-home staff within 3 hours’ notice; Alorica provided on-demand redundancy when client site went down due to a weather emergency

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